Pets with Human Names

Pets with Human Names


After Benton Schoenrock drunkenly suggested that his friends start a band with him in 2012, guitarist Alex Nickeson set the challenge that if Schoenrock bought a drum kit, he would find them a rehearsal space. A mere 24 hours later and the pair were nursing their hangovers whilst setting up a brand new drum kit in a freshly rented storage locker in their hometown of Des Moines, IA.

The pair soon recruited mutual friend Andrew Pierson to play bass, and after someone attempted to run a birthday ad for a dog named Tommy in the newspaper the trio worked for, Pets With Human Names was founded. Now with four years on the Midwest circuit under their belt, the alt-rock trio is gearing up to release its sophomore full-length, Creature Comforts.

Recorded at Flat Black Studios, a converted barn house located off a typically Iowan rural dirt road outside of Iowa City, the band spent one week addressing their demons and personifying them for song. Covering everything from indie rock to blues to punk, these varying styles provide the album with an oddly unified personality of its own. Creature Comforts exhibits symptoms of Schizophrenia and ADHD and is captivating in its variety, yet is ultimately still reliant on all parts of itself for context and best presented as a self-referential collection.


Guitars, Vocals  /  Alex Nickeson

Bass, Vocals  /  Andrew Pierson

Drums, Keys  /  Benton Schoenrock